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One Shot Sampler



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OSS, or One Shot Sampler, is a standalone plugin designed to help you find the joy in your one shot collection. It allows you to access and trigger your samples quickly and easily. Locate your samples, write a melody or hold a chord, and scan through your one shots, like presets on a synth. Oh, and for a bit more joy, you can change the background image and the colour scheme to whatever you like. 

Includes a demo pack of one shots and background images.



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Recording Notes

We believe that there’s so much to be had from a single one shot sample. Typically we think of drum kit one shots, and they’re great of course, but one shots taken from more melodic instruments or tonal environments are capable of so much more than they’re given credit for.

Take a slow, undulating sample of an old keyboard running through delays and reverbs, and with just one note, primitively but beautifully stretched across the keyboard, you’ve got a lush, evolving pad instrument whose limitations create something quite distinctive. Feed OSS your own one shots and we guarantee you’ll be inspired, fast.

And don’t get us started on what happens drum breaks/melodic loops…

One Shot Joy

Technical Information

Runs on Windows 10/11 and MacOS 10.11 (or later)
Supports Intel Macs

Download size: 225 MB uncompressed
(includes one shot and background demo folders)

Engineered by John Howes aka Cong Burn