What is Song Athletics?

We are an independent creative studio, with a focus on music, technology and culture. We make products for music creators, take part in collaborative projects with artists and institutions, and create content that showcases the community.

Song Athletics is a purposely small and creator-owned ‘slow business’. All decisions are made with a long-term view, aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem that generates revenue to fuel continued artistic exploration.

There is no end in sight; it’s a vehicle to enable taking part in cultural innovation for as long as possible.

Our approach to products is to be simple and refined. This reflects how we use them. If you want lots of control and features, other people do that much better.

Back Story

Song Athletics’ founder Will Evans has worked in music technology and the arts for over 20 years.

Following an undergraduate degree in Acoustical Engineering, Will attained a PhD in Psychoacoustics at the University of Surrey in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen. He taught Electroacoustics on the Tonmeister course before joining Focusrite, where he led the Artist, Brand and Media Relations function.

In 2016 he joined Spitfire Audio and soon became CEO, overseeing the evolution of a small startup to a grown-up company with over +100 employees. Alongside this, Will had founded a small record label and management company and had been an intern at Warp Records.

His passion for independent music and artists influenced his approach to leadership and culture, and the opportunity to create a small, independently-minded studio drawing on his combined interest in music, technology and sustainable business led to the formation of Song Athletics.