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Get Calm


Sample Pack

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Making ambient music shouldn’t be stressful. Here is a folder of carefully recorded loops - full of space, texture and atmosphere - that you can throw at a session to create a deep and instant serenity. They’re all in A Minor, and at 60bpm, so you can combine them together to create your own evolving tapestry of transcendence. Not only that, there are one-shots here that are small but powerful: each evoking a powerful expansiveness that once played across the keyboard will have you distracted for hours at a time. Featuring bass, synths, pads and guitars that shimmer and submerge, this is your pathway to true sonic enlightenment.


AmBient FAQ

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Recording Notes


Neumann U87 - Gefell M930 - AEA R92 - Beyerdynamic MC930 -Shure SM7 -Reslo/Xaudia Beeb - Beyerdynamic M88


Universal Audio LA-610 - Focusrite ISA430mkII -Focusrite ISA428 -Overstayer Imperial Channel - AEA TRP


Bentley Upright Piano - Fender Rhodes Mark II Piano - Wurlitzer Piano - Yamaha FG180 Acoustic Guitar
- Fender USA Telecaster - Vox AC15H1TV amp - Supro Blues 8 amp - DSI Prophet 08 - Korg Micropreset M500

FX / Tape:

Strymon Big Sky - Roland Chorus Echo RE301 - Revox B77ii - Tascam 388 - Proco RAT

Weave a tapestry of transcendence.

Technical Information

+30 Loops
30 One Shots

48kHz, 24bit
Royalty Free
380 MB Unzipped