SRM Sounds with Max Richter

SRM Sounds with Max Richter

We are working with Max Richter and the team at Studio Richter Mahr on SRM Sounds - a new venture producing virtual instruments and sample libraries, curated by Max.

Studio Richter Mahr was founded by Max alongside his partner, visual artist Yulia Mahr. 

Set in the English countryside in Oxfordshire, Max and Yulia built the multimedia production studio inside a former farmhouse and have powered it with cutting-edge solar and heat-pump technology. Located within 31 acres of woodland, the duo have a huge passion for using the land to farm and provide a sustainable working environment, serving as a space where both emerging and established creatives can come to develop their work.

On the creation of SRM Sounds, Max says:

“We decided to launch SRM Sounds because, even though there are a million sample libraries out there, I could find hardly any that really hit the spot for me.

For composers, sound is an incredibly personal and emotional thing. For many of us, the experience of falling in love with the physical and tactile aspects of sound is what got us into music in the first place, so working with sounds that aren’t quite right is really disturbing.  Therefore, we decided to make our own Kontakt instrument collection, using the wonderful acoustics and technical resources of Studio Richter Mahr.  These instruments have the colours that I love to use to tell the stories I want to tell.”

Will and the Song Athletics team are working across all aspects of the new venture.

Watch a short introduction to SRM Sounds below.

(Photos by Marie Sutter (above) and Lorenzo Zandri (left))

SRM Sounds with Max Richter

Virtual Instruments and Sample Libraries, Curated By Max Richter